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Enable Google Sign in


Add locus to Chrome if you haven't already.
Add to Chrome

Restart Chrome

Restart Chrome for installation to take effect.

Pin the Extension

1. Click on the extension menu on the top right of Chrome

2. Find locus in the dropdown of extensions and toggle on the pin


Enter your email and password to login.

Get Started

1. Navigate to a webpage with text (like a news article, blog post, or online textbook)

2. Wait for locus to load the page

3. Start searching!
Search: When was Apple founded?

Keyboard Shortcut

To activate locus with a keyboard shortcut, such as CMD+SHIFT+F, do the following.

1. Navigate to chrome://extensions/shortcuts

2. Find locus

3. Click the pencil edit icon

4. On your keyboard, press 'CMD+SHIFT+F' (mac) or 'CTRL+SHIFT+F' (windows) to set the shortcut.

5. Restart Chrome for changes to take effect.

6. The extension will now activate every time you hit the keyboard shortcut pattern.