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Refer back to sections in long papers, documents, and articles by using natural language instead of having to remember exact keywords.

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Locus AI assistance will use LLMs to help you synthesize information and create outputs that further your research.

Summarize entire pages or portions to save time and quickly get the TLDR.

Brainstorm additional research topics to facilitate new ideas and other documents to read.

Study with note cards created to help you retain key information.

Memorize answers with Locus.

Use Locus Favorites and Recents to save information and easily refer back to different documents and highlighted search answers.

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What our users think

I read the news every morning before work and I need to do so fast. locus has helped me figure out what parts of each article I should spend my time on.

Research Assistant

Reading through dense papers every week for my lab has become more manageable with locus.

My class' physics textbook is online so this tool makes it easy to refer back to sections I just read without needing to sift through all the CTRL+F matches.

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